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June 3, 2020




Rebranding OLA Energy: An In-depth Study

Background Information

OLA Energy, previously known as Oilibya, has established a significant presence across 17 African countries, overseeing more than 1,200 service stations. The global rebranding of these service stations, from Oilibya to OLA Energy, was a significant undertaking, entrusted to Joseph Advertisers, a company recognized for their specialization in this arena.

Having successfully completed the rebranding of over 1005 stations, Joseph Advertisers continues to demonstrate their expertise by providing branding elements to various OLA affiliates across Tunisia, Kenya, Morocco, Cameroon, CDI, Burkina Faso, Niger, Senegal, Reunion, Gabon, Ethiopia, Egypt, and Mali.

Project Overview

OiLibya, now OLA Energy, operates in the oil and energy sector across 18 countries, boasting over 1,100 service stations. Recognizing the need to align with contemporary market trends, the company embarked on a large-scale Retail Visual Identity (RVI) upgrade to rebrand as OLA Energy.

Joseph Advertisers, awarded the project in May 2018, undertook the task of implementing this new brand identity across all service stations. The initial phase involved developing a prototype of the proposed design. This preliminary stage, finalized in September 2017, encompassed all aspects from engineering and design to manufacturing and installation.

Brand Identity and Execution

The new brand identity, colors, and RVI on all 3D applications, including service stations and shops, were conceptualized by Three D’s Limited, UK. Joseph Advertisers, operating from their factory in Dubai, undertook the engineering process, using materials, colors, and LEDs approved by OLA Energy.

Despite the modern and modular style of the RVI, standard criteria were maintained. These included a robust build to withstand harsh environments, easy accessibility of controls, and an uncomplicated maintenance process.

After successfully prototyping and submitting a commercial tender, Joseph Advertisers was awarded the contract for the manufacturing of service stations for 23 pilot sites across eight African countries.

Key Deliverables

Their performance during the pilot phase led to their appointment as the official partner for rebranding over 1,100 OLA Energy service stations across 17 African countries.

In collaboration with the client and consultants, Joseph Advertisers specified ideal materials for the project. The signage manufactured helped modernize the design and create an attractive brand identity for OLA Energy. The company's role expanded beyond mere supply, offering services that included:

  • Canopy, Totem, Flag Signs.
  • Spreaders – Horizontal & Vertical.
  • Service Centre Signs – Lube, Tyre, Auto care.
  • 3D Letters & Logos.
  • Service Centre Signs – Lube, Tyre, Auto care.
  • 3D Letters & Logos.
  • Service Centre Signs – Lube, Tyre, Auto care.
  • Non-generic Shops – ATM, Shop, Chemists.
  • Direction Signs.
  • C Store signage – Marhaba.
  • Fuel Dispenser wrapping.
  • Internal Signs for Marhaba Store.
  • Custom Fabricated Customer Service Units (CSU).
  • In addition to supplying signs, the company also provided training for the installation team on-site and supervised the installation at several sites.

Project Management and Execution

To rebrand over 1,000 sites in over 13 countries required a robust project and production management team. Demonstrating their proficiency, Joseph Advertisers fabricated and shipped all the necessary signage elements for 50 full stations each month, completing the rollout ahead of schedule.

Managing the project across 13 African countries necessitated the development of a web-based project management application – PSGAR (Production Sizes, Graphics, and Artwork Request). This software provided real-time access to all required data and a comprehensive history of the project for both the client and project team.

PSGAR Application: Scope and Functionality

The PSGAR application streamlined the workflow management for all stakeholders involved, ensuring smooth communication between the client and the Joseph Advertisers team. It offered features such as:

  • Real-time updates on project progress through alerts.
  • Automated artwork generation and one-click downloads.
  • Quote generation based on element selection.
  • Simplified approval/rejection/revision processes.
  • Comprehensive project history, from commencement to final dispatch.
  • Consolidated summary of project phases on the dashboard.
  • Easy retrieval of old data at any time.
  • Online assistance and application tracking system.
  • Through the efficient management of this extensive rebranding project, Joseph Advertisers have contributed significantly to modernizing and enhancing the brand identity of OLA Energy, ensuring its alignment with contemporary market trends.


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