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June 3, 2020




Pioneering the Forecourt of the Future: A Case Study

EXPO2020, A Global Beacon of Innovation

EXPO2020, hosted in the bustling city of Dubai, UAE, has emerged as the most advanced and expansive World Expo ever staged. This global event, synonymous with the unveiling of revolutionary concepts and groundbreaking technologies, serves as an international intersection of minds. It concentrates on three core themes: Opportunity, Sustainability, and Mobility, providing an insight into the potential future of our world.

Joseph Group: A Local Titan Powering EXPO2020

The Joseph Group, a renowned and wholly locally owned manufacturer, has been instrumental in the grand spectacle that is EXPO2020. Serving as a strategic vendor for the World Expo, Joseph Group has played a crucial role in delivering numerous legacy packages. Their prowess is exemplified in the Digital Façade, Cladding Scope, LED Displays, and Signage works, integral elements of the pioneering ENOC Service Station of the Future (SSoF), a unique fixture and significant attraction at EXPO2020.

ENOC SSoF: A Sustainable Paradigm and a World's First

The ENOC SSoF, proudly displayed at EXPO2020, holds the distinct honor of being the world's first service station to achieve LEED Platinum certification. This achievement is a testament to the forward-thinking collaboration between Joseph Group and ENOC, the integrated energy partner at the event. It underscores a shared commitment to sustainability and technological innovation, setting a new benchmark in service station design and functionality.

Unveiling Signature Installations

The ENOC SSoF station stands as a marvel of modern design and engineering, featuring several notable installations. Among them is a breathtaking digital display, the largest of any fuel station in the world. This vast LED canvas spans 2000 square feet and incorporates over 12 million LED chips, delivering an unparalleled visual experience.

The service station's façade display adopts an inverted frustum shape and consists of two sets installed on the front and back of the convenience store, with dimensions of 38 x 2 meters and 21 x 2 meters respectively.

Notably, the station introduces the world's first sliding door integrated with transparent displays. These are meticulously engineered for rugged use and are encased between sturdy glass and aluminum housing for added durability.

Adding to the station's aesthetic allure is a Ghaf tree-themed canopy. This carbon-fiber and illuminated aluminum architectural external cladding serve as the station's centerpiece, embodying local heritage and sustainability.

Further enhancing visibility, the station's 15-meter totem, featuring a diamond-shaped digital screen and ENOC logo with 3D lit letters, can be spotted from almost all areas of the EXPO2020 district.

Moreover, Joseph Group has meticulously crafted and installed illuminated standalone customized directional signage and diamond-shaped safety bollards, ensuring a cohesive alignment with the overall theme of the station.

Finally, the station's dispenser islands feature a unique digital advertising screen element mounted on a custom-built ancillary unit. This display uses high-brightness, small pixel LED screens equipped with GOB Technology, elevating the visual impact and functionality of the dispensers.

Pioneering the Forecourts of the Future

The innovative concept envisioned by ENOC and actualized by Joseph Group ushers in a new age for futuristic service stations. This collaborative achievement truly encapsulates the spirit of EXPO2020 – one of innovation, progression, and sustainable development. Through their partnership, they have redefined the forecourt experience and set a pioneering standard for future service stations worldwide. The legacy of this achievement, much like the lasting impact of EXPO2020, will continue to resonate in the industry for years to come.


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Joseph Group at EXPO2020: Innovative signage, powering ENOC's future station, and championing sustainability in Dubai.