Case Study

June 3, 2020




JIO World - Dhirubhai Ambani Convention & Exhibition Center, Mumbai, India.


To augment the visitor experience at the Jio World Convention Centre, the largest exhibition and convention centre in India and a gem of Mumbai's architectural brilliance, the Reliance Group undertook the responsibility of introducing innovative, thematic signage and comprehensive wayfinding indicators. This vast endeavour was intended not merely to enhance the visual appeal of the centre, but also to contribute to its standing as a world-class destination.


The Jio World Convention Centre, at the heart of Mumbai's urban landscape, represents a harmonious fusion of contemporary design and advanced functionality. It caters to a broad array of events, hosting India's most expansive Convention Hall, a grand Ballroom, 25 state-of-the-art meeting rooms, and three adaptable exhibition halls. Beyond these event spaces, the Centre houses a world-class art centre, a luxury hotel, sophisticated office spaces, and vibrant retail zones, all intended to provide a diverse experience for every visitor.


The task of integrating thematic signage and wayfinding indicators into this architectural marvel was fraught with challenges due to the large scale of the project, intricate design considerations, and high expectations. Implementing this project required coordinated effort from multiple international teams, each based in different geographical locations, adding a layer of complexity to project execution.

The heart of the project was situated in Mumbai, India, with architectural guidance offered from Singapore. The procurement of materials took place as far as Australia, and the fabrication of signage occurred in Dubai, UAE. The final installation was conducted back in Mumbai, India, through a local partner. This geographical dispersion introduced numerous logistical complexities to the process.

Incorporating specialist resin material from Australia, transported to Dubai for design integration, posed its own set of challenges. These designs were then coated with a luxurious power coat, requiring meticulous attention to maintain harmony between the materials. Tight timelines added an additional layer of challenge, necessitating a delicate balance between swift fabrication and maintaining high-quality standards.

During the on-site installation phase, meticulous planning and coordination were crucial due to the existing trades installed on site. As multiple facilities operated on various levels, detailed micromanagement was necessary to ensure a seamless execution without compromising the quality of the installation.


Despite the logistical complexities, tight timelines, and demanding quality standards, the project successfully utilized the collective strengths of globally dispersed teams. Through meticulous planning, coordination, and a harmonious blending of materials, the teams were able to meet the project's ambitious objectives.

The final product stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation. It showcases the transformative power of innovative signage, turning an architectural masterpiece into a beacon of technological brilliance and a symbol of world-class standards.

The Jio World Convention Centre project not only enhanced the visual appeal of the centre but also contributed to its reputation as a world-class destination. It stands as a shining example of how diverse global teams can collaborate to create something truly remarkable, demonstrating that with the right planning, coordination, and execution, even the most complex projects can be successfully completed to the highest standards.


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