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Stand Out in Crowded Spaces with Surrounds & Kiosks

Our Surrounds & Kiosks are designed to capture attention and engage customers in high-traffic areas.
Surrounds & Kiosks offer an excellent opportunity for businesses to interact with their customers in high-traffic areas. Whether you're showcasing products, offering services, or conducting promotional activities, our Surrounds & Kiosks are designed to ensure your brand stands out and captures attention.
Our team works with you to design and install Surrounds & Kiosks that reflect your brand's image and are crafted to appeal to your target audience. With our Surrounds & Kiosks, your brand will have a compelling presence in crowded areas, promoting interaction, generating interest, and ultimately driving sales.


Following our successful BIM work on the landscape, we were then asked to model a stunning natural stone facade for each metro station. With each stone slab measuring up to three stories in height, our model had to be of perfectly accurate to ensure the stones and their supporting structural work buttresses, frames, pins, and other key engineering
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Outsindustrial complex
industrial complex

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