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June 3, 2020




Dubai Parks & Resorts


Dubai, a city renowned for its ambitious architectural feats and relentless pursuit of innovation, adds yet another feather to its cap with the inception of Dubai Parks and Resorts. Known for pushing the envelope in the realm of leisure and entertainment, this sprawling amusement destination is an emblem of the city's commitment to delivering experiences that are unique, immersive, and unforgettable. This article delves into the journey of how Joseph Group, a frontrunner in innovative signage solutions, was commissioned to transform the visual landscape of this colossal project, adding an extra layer of magic and convenience to the already vibrant Dubai Parks and Resorts. Herein, we discuss the objective, background, challenges, and solutions pertaining to this fascinating endeavor.


Dubai Parks and Resorts, a vibrant, multi-themed leisure and entertainment destination that graced Dubai's landscape in October 2016, stands as the epitome of amusement parks in the Middle East. It is a vast amusement conglomeration, housing three varied theme parks: MOTIONGATE™ Dubai, LEGOLAND® Dubai, and BOLLYWOOD PARKS™ Dubai, along with the region's first LEGOLAND® Water Park.

Interconnecting these diverse entertainment zones is Riverland™ Dubai, a uniquely themed retail and dining hub. The complex also boasts the family-friendly Lapita™ Hotel, a Polynesian themed establishment and part of the prestigious Marriott Autograph Collection. The task of visually enriching this colossal development, spreading over 30.6 million square feet on Sheikh Zayed Road, fell to the innovative Joseph Group, a master in pioneering signage solutions.


The Group was assigned the creation of bespoke themed road-side gantry signage, external wayfinding signage, digital signage, and custom-themed ride marquees for all four parks. Executing this ambitious project demanded an extraordinary level of creativity, stringent adherence to design guidelines, and meticulous craftsmanship to bring the various themes of the parks to life.


The first phase of the project focused on creating themed main marquees, employing an array of materials under stringent IP-controlled processes. The second phase shifted towards external gantries and wayfinding signage, a process involving numerous design stages, including intricate structural designs.

To ensure a flawless execution, Joseph Group enforced robust Project Management Controls (PMC) to meticulously monitor every aspect of the project, from initial site analysis, road, soil, and water table studies, to design, civil works, and other vital tasks. One notable challenge encountered was the development of a custom fabricated back curved shell, painted to achieve an ombre effect, a testimony to Joseph Group's unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence.


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