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June 3, 2020




Redefining Service Station Branding in the Middle East: An In-Depth Exploration

A New Era for Last Exit, Dubai

Last Exit, a ground-breaking food truck park situated strategically between Dubai and Abu Dhabi, serves as both an entertaining destination and a convenient stop-off for travelers. As part of this bustling ecosystem, necessary amenities like filling stations are seamlessly integrated into the lively landscape, creating a fully functioning, immersive environment.

ADNOC, one of the leading petroleum companies in the UAE, recognized the potential for enhancing customer experience by harmonizing their stations with the unique ambiance of Last Exit. Breaking away from their traditional branding approach, they embarked on an audacious journey to customize their service stations, capturing the distinct themes of the locations they served. This innovative initiative resulted in the establishment of the first fully-themed service stations in the Middle East, marking a significant shift in ADNOC's brand identity.

Transforming the Vision into Reality: The Role of Joseph Advertisers

Joseph Advertisers, a company with an established reputation in petroleum industry signage and branding roll-outs, was entrusted with the task of transforming ADNOC's unique vision into reality. This collaboration paved the way for the creation of two exceptional themed service stations: the vintage-inspired Mad-X and the racing-themed E11.

The Mad-X station draws inspiration from classic cinematic aesthetics, featuring a rusted design reminiscent of a post-apocalyptic setting. The E11 station, named in homage to the Sheikh Zayed Road (SZR) highway, is characterized by racing motifs that lend a high-speed, dynamic influence.

Detailed Customization of Retail Visual Identity Elements

Joseph Advertisers went beyond the conventional to craft various customized Retail Visual Identity elements, effectively embodying the distinct themes of the service stations.

For the petrol dispensers, a radical departure from standard ADNOC designs was implemented. SKID-mounted or containerized dispensers were customized with cladding specific to each theme. For the Mad-X station, GI corrugated sheets were custom-painted for a vintage look, while a vibrant, mosaic-patterned, A2-class ACP cladding was chosen for the E11 station.

Customization of this scale, especially around petrol dispensers, required meticulous attention to safety considerations. To ensure that the integrity of ADNOC's SKID units was not compromised, Joseph Advertisers designed custom-made clamping arrangements for sub-frames, effectively avoiding any risk of puncturing the SKID units.

Matching the respective themes, Joseph Advertisers constructed custom steel structures for the roofs of the convenience stores, along with distinctive cladding for the roofs and walls. At the E11 station, they also fabricated and installed internal signs for the Geant Express convenience store, adding an extra touch of thematic coherence.

Furthermore, Joseph Advertisers crafted a range of external signs, including towering 12-meter high steel totem signs painted to match the existing columns and structures. A diverse collection of entry and exit signs, traffic signs, and graphics were also produced, creating a unified visual experience throughout the station.

Finally, facility units such as trash bins, lube displays, and attendant seats were custom-crafted to align with the specific themes of each Last Exit location, enhancing the overall aesthetic consistency.

Conclusion: Mastery in Execution and Delivery

The successful execution of both station roll-outs relied heavily on comprehensive customization and rebranding to reflect the distinct themes of their respective Last Exit locations. Despite the scale and complexity of the project, Joseph Advertisers managed to deliver their complete scope within an impressive four-week timeframe, maintaining their renowned high standards of quality, speed, and service.


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